The company's policy is based on its distinctive characteristics, by creating a competitive advantage to create sustainable value by committing to the following:

  • Maintaining the application of the highest safety standards and promoting the preservation of the environment.
  • Work to develop the association and affiliation of the company's employees with it.
  • Continuously developing human resources, technically and administratively, by focusing on training and developing national competencies in various fields and creating a practical environment with a high level of professionalism and production capacity.
  • Continuous development in the information technology sector, its devices, equipment and systems.
  • Introducing a high monitoring and control system to maintain the quality of work and product and achieve the desired growth.
  • To be keen on enhancing product quality, continuous development and keeping pace with the global technological development in the cement industry.
  • Providing facilities to customers at competitive prices.
  • Cooperation with similar companies inside the Arab Republic of Egypt in various fields (supplying clinker - manufacturing cement bags - manufacturing various spare parts for factory components...).
  • Ensure that these policies are well spreaded, understood and applied within the company and are available to all parties.