Cement Factories Complex in Beni Suef :

  • In May 2016, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi directed the establishment of the cement factories complex in Beni Suef, and the contract was signed with the Chinese company (CDI Sinoma), the largest Chinese company specialized in the field of cement. Establishing the factories complex according to the latest environmental protection methods in the world in the industrial zone in Beni Suef. The complex relies on the use of the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency. Its construction took 21 months in cooperation with the Chinese company, as well as in cooperation with more than (20) specialized Egyptian and foreign companies. This project provided (10) thousand direct job opportunities and (7) thousand indirect job opportunities daily for Egyptian workers, and (3500) job opportunities for foreign workers. Thus, this factory has contributed to the employment of the people of Upper Egypt.
  • The factory complex is located east of the Nile in the Industrial Zone (Bayadh Al-Arab) in Beni Suef Governorate on the Army-Tanmia road at a distance of (133) km from Cairo and (12) km north of Beni Suef Governorate and south of the Upper Egypt Freeway and at a distance of (31) km from Al-Kuraimat Road / Al-Zahfranah.
  • It is built on an area of (3133) acres. When choosing the location of the factory, it was taken into account the distance from the residential block and the flood waters, the proximity to the main road network and the quarry sites where raw materials are available, as well as the availability of energy sources and its fulfillment of the conditions for preserving the environment.
  • The Factories Complex of National Company for Cement in Beni Suef was opened, as the largest cement factories complex in one place in the Middle East and the world, and was inaugurated by the President of the Republic on 15/8/2018. It is also the largest in terms of investment flow on the land of Beni Suef Governorate.
  • The factories complex includes (3) cement factories with a total of (6) production lines with a capacity of (6) thousand tons of clinker per day for each line with a total production capacity of (12) million tons of cement annually. It also includes (2) paper sacks production lines with a total production capacity of 200 million sacks annually, and the complex includes 3 central laboratories to test the materials that is used in the cement industry, as well as the products of the various factories complex.
  • The factories complex is equipped to work with three interchangeable fuel systems (natural gas - diesel - coal) and is equipped with a electricity station with a capacity of (180) mega and a wastewater treatment station at a rate of (600) m3 / day, and a civilized administrative area to serve the workers in the complex of factories on an area of (45) acres that includes Residence and service buildings (conference and lecture halls - dining halls - mosque - fire station - clinic - gas station - water tank - laundry ...) and recreational areas (sports fields - swimming pool) and green areas of 50 thousand square meters, and the complex is equipped with a helipad .