Technical workshop for manufacturing spare parts and metal structures

The technical workshop inside the cement factories complex in Beni Suef manufactures spare parts for various cement factories as well as metal structures for the benefit of the factories complex of the National Company for Cement and factories of various heavy industries (iron and steel - fertilizers and phosphates ...) with the technical workshop owned like equipment, machines, modern machines and technical crews on the highest technical level in cooperation with the Chinese company (CDI). We focus on specialized manufacturing processes, our professional engineers have decades of experience, and can oversee the process from design development to installation work, and are able to select the most suitable manufacturing processes to produce cost-effective products in the least amount of time.

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    In the technical workshop, we are distinguished by the challenge of transforming the customer’s idea into a high-quality product. We specialize in the manufacture of aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, corten steel, cast aluminum products and copper, starting from prototypes and individual to mass production.

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    In the technical workshop we offer you a customized service according to your requirements. We assist you with our expertise throughout the entire manufacturing process We can study your designs and consider the best manufacturing methods. We will make sure that the manufacturing process of your product will lead to the manufactured product meeting its specific goals and with unparalleled quality, moreover we will meet Quantity requirements, batches and delivery dates
    without failure, while ensuring that you
    receive a distinguished, more efficient
    and less expensive service.

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    We have all the necessary equipment to ensure the highest quality of metal fabrication, and because all of our technicians are experts in this field, so when you think about our metal fabrication, make sure that you will get a specialized service, quality and high efficiency at the lowest cost Our technicians are experts in all kinds of metal fabrication methods, and after that they have worked with all types of clients in many fields and they will be able to help you manufacture your product.