• The National Company for Cement believes in the importance of sustainable development and its impact on society and the right of future generations to natural resources and a decent life, and in line with the state’s policy in achieving economic growth and sustainable development, which requires that we urgently reduce our ecological footprint by changing the ways in which we produce goods and the resources we consume. The company's policy stipulates the company's commitment to achieve sustainable development through sustainable production and consumption. Achieving the goal of sustainable development depends on our effective management of shared natural resources and the way we dispose of, reduce and recycle toxic waste and pollutants. The company paid great attention to the rate of energy consumption (thermal and electrical), and the company succeeded in reducing its consumption of thermal energy to 2780 kilojoules / kg clinker to match the best current global consumption rate (less than 2800 kilojoules / kg clinker) and achieve the target average in 2030 as well. It succeeded in reducing electricity consumption by developing an operating plan to avoid peak times.
  • The National Company for Cement is currently implementing a project
    to replace the use of coal and mazut with natural gas in order to preserve the environment and reduce the rate of greenhouse gas emissions to preserve the
    climate. Water scarcity affects more than 40% of the population around the world, which is a worrying number and is expected to increase with rising global
    temperatures due to climate change, and from this standpoint,
    the company has taken upon itself the principle of rationalizing water consumption by treating wastewater and using it in irrigation Non-fruitful green areas and using the sprinkler irrigation method.


The National Company for Cement in Beni Suef

  • The National Company for Cement paid great attention to preserving the environment, so the factory complex was designed to produce a green product, and it was keen to be in compliance with the requirements of the Egyptian Environmental Law No. 4 of 1994 and its executive regulations. It was also keen to obtain ISO 14001 for the year 2015 to establish an environmental system that ensures effective preservation of the environment.
  • The company is always keen to ensure that gas emissions, including greenhouse gases (CO2), are as low as possible, and take into account maintaining the lowest rates of thermal energy consumption to record 3000 megajoules / ton of clinker, which is less than the permissible rate of 3418 megajoules / ton of clinker.
  • The company is keen on the lowest consumption rate and reduce the waste of raw materials. It also takes into account the control of water and electricity consumption.
  • Control of the product life cycle, utilization and recycling of waste and non-conforming product, and control of the safe disposal of hazardous waste.